Cell Phone Recycling

Phones 4 Charity is an organization dedicated to cell phone recycling and collections. While doing this we are helping maintain a healthier environment and benefiting charitable organizations all at the same time! Help a charity and a person in need and you don't have to do anything except find the old cell phones collecting dust in a drawer or closet at your home or office. Simply turn them in, and get a tax deduction!.

Phones 4 Charity is a great cell phone recycling resource. If you have spare mobile phones, cell phones, pagers ,or PDAs sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, you can recycle them here in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Phones 4 Charity will recycle your used cell phones in an environmentally conscious manner.

Recycle a cell phone today!

What happens to the phones?

  • Phones Are Sold To Raise Funds
    Partnered charities sell their cell donations to Phones 4 Charity, who recycles the phones into reuse in this economy as well as foreign developing economies. Proceeds from the sale will be used by the charity you have selected to further their missions, essentially converting idle mobile phones into good deeds. Donated phones are tax-deductible as an in-kind donation.
  • Help People in need here in the United States Phones 4 Charity gives a portion of the cell donations received to domestic violence victims and to elderly care facilities for 911 call capabilities.
  • Recycling
    Mobile phones contain toxic elements like Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, Gallium Arsenide and other landfill hazards. Reuse transforms a potentially toxic discard into a valuable commodity. Cell phones that cannot be reused will be recycled for their metals and plastics in accordance with federal and local environmental standards and it starts with your cell donation!

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