Starting Your Collection

It's easy to start collecting phones for your organization right away.  Examples of organizations that can participate or benefit from a Phone Drive include churches, synagogues, and other religious groups, schools, foundations, civic groups, charities, PTAs, hospitals, associations, fraternities, sororities, youth groups, marching bands, amateur sports groups, and more.


Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

To Start your Cell Phone Fundraiser or Donation Drive, please contact Valerie at:

  • Promote your phone drive event via e-mail, handouts, newsletters, posters, and advertising.
  • When your phone drive event or campaign is over, call us at 1-888-846-0818 to arrange for free shipping. The check for your collected phones will be sent within 30-45 days of Phones 4 Charity receiving your phone drive shipment.

Important Phone Drive Guidelines

  • Collect only wireless (cellular) phones. Cordless phones meant for home use are not accepted.
  • All wireless or PCS hand-carried (not vehicle-installed) phones will be accepted, but outdated wireless phones are discouraged.
  • The collected phones do not need not be in working order.
  • Smaller, newer phones generate the most funds
  • Mobile-installed telephones (including so-called "bag phones"), two-way radios, pagers, walkie-talkies, etc. are accepted but do carry less value then a cell phone.
  • Wireless phone accessories will be accepted, but do not qualify for payment.
  • Donors should deactivate their data plans with their cellular company.
  • iPhones with the Find My IPhone still activated are worth less. It is encouraged to deactivating prior to donating.
  • Please contact us to get a box prepaid label for donation and start making a difference today!