Cell Phone Fundraisers

Phones 4 Charity makes fundraising for your organization easy with our cell phone recycling fundraiser programs.

We have been assisting organizations, groups and other charities in raising funds for their goals without asking for money from anyone. The key to this fundraising technique is old cell phones. All over the United States, and even the world, there are millions of used cell phones sitting around because people are constantly upgrading for the latest and greatest technology available. This translates into a type of hidden cash, where people can donate to a cause without ever opening a wallet, just by donating their cell phones.

To Start your Cell Phone Fundraiser or Donation Drive, please contact Valerie at:

Cell Phone Drive Fundraiser Programs are:

For your Charity
An innovative way to help them raise money to achieve their fundraising goals for their many good works.

For your Company
Provides funds for charitable endeavors, enhances image in the community, and can add to your bottom line.

For the Environment
Insures the proper recycling of obsolete phones and exhausted batteries, which helps keep old cell phone waste out of landfills.

For your members, customers, and employees
An opportunity for them to feel good about themselves for donating their phones and helping to preserve the environment while supporting charitable organizations and their many good works.

Non-profit organization
If you are a non-profit organization interested in starting a phone drive to help raise funds for your charitable work then follow this link to our Non-Profit Cell Phone Drive Fundraiser page.

If you are a corporation interested in starting a phone drive to help a charity that your company currently supports or are just looking for a socially responsible way to dispose of your old cell phones then, follow this link to our Corporate Cell Phone Drive Fundraiser page.

Download our Phone Drive Brochure in PDF format