Donate a Cell Phone

To Start your Cell Phone

Fundraiser or Donation Drive,

please contact Valerie at:


It is easy to participate, just follow these 3 easy steps and we will do the rest! We can also send you pre-paid labels if you choose to use your own box. Contact the Phones4Charity team at 1-888-846-0818.



1. Contact the Phones4Charity team at 1-888-846-0818 to request a box or prepaid label. Each box holds roughly 30 phones or use your own box with a prepaid label. All boxes are to be sent to:



1275 Rock Creek Cir.

Lafayette, CO 80026

2. Package up phones and acceptable items Include the below detailed information:

Company Name (If any):

Contact Name:

Contact Phone number:

Contact Email address:

Shipping address:

Charity you are donating to:

Charity Address:

3. Call Phones 4 Charity at 1-888-846-0818 to have us schedule a pickup or drop your package off at your local post office or shipping center. *

* Phones4Charity takes no responsibility for the delivery without proof of delivery.


On behalf of all the charities that Phones 4 Charity works with, we thank you for your charitable donation. Please tell your friends about our program!