Phones 4 Charity Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Phone Drive?

The Phones 4 Charity Phone Drive program is a completely new approach to fundraising. A Phone Drive enables your organization to capitalize on the untapped value of the estimated 800 million used cell phones lying idle in America's closets and drawers. These phones are just waiting to be reprogrammed, refurbished or recycled to help benefit your community. Here's how it works: You collect used cell phones and we'll send you a check to help support your organization's revenue objectives.

Is my organization eligible to collect?

Any qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, charity or grassroots organization is eligible to receive funds through a Phones 4 Charity Phone Drive.

How much is each used cell phone worth?

Current phone models are most in demand and can yield $10.00 - $200.00 or more per phone for your charity. Second tier, older phones will typically generate between $1.50 and $9.00 for your charity. And, although we will recycle the obsolete models, they will yield no funding for your charity. If the phones you collect are typical of those we have received in other collection efforts, you might conservatively target to receive $22 -$34 per phone on average for your charity, but it all depends on the models and condition of phones you collect.

Can we collect any and all cell phones?

Please collect only wireless (cellular or PCS) phones. Cordless phones meant for home use are not acceptable. All wireless or PCS hand-carried (not vehicle installed) phones are accepted, but outdated wireless phones are discouraged. Smaller, newer phones generate the most funds. Other acceptable items include iPods and MP3 players, tablets, digital cameras, Bluetooth and aircards, chargers and accessories but may not yield payment

Does my organization have to worry about being charged for the airtime if the phones are refurbished?

No. When the phones are refurbished, they are completely cleared and reprogrammed. Donors should, however, be reminded to deactivate their wireless service before donating their phone(s). It is also recommended that if donating an iPhone, they deactivate the Find My Phone feature in the settings as it is work more.

How will you track the number of phones collected?

All wireless phones will be hand counted and entered into a database. If you have an old shipping label that does not have the following address, please contact the Phones 4 Charity team at:

Address: 5541 Suite 125, Boulder, CO 80301.

When will my organization receive a check?

Your organization will receive a check within 30-45 days of Phones 4 Charity receiving your phone shipment.

How long should we conduct our collection effort?

The duration of your collection effort is up to you. Of course, the more wireless phones you collect, the more funds you will generate for your organization. The downside being, the longer you wait, phones begin to lose their value. We recommend a collection last at least 90 days.

How do I ship my phones?

Shipping boxes have prepaid labels and hold around 30-50 phones. For shipments with less than 30 phones, we recommend using your own box and we will provide a prepaid label. Please contact the team for a prepaid label at:  When you are ready to ship, simply call 1-888-846-0818 to make shipping arrangements or drop off at your local FedEx.

What if my phone doesn't work?

The collected phones do  not need be in working order. Phones that cannot be refurbished will be recycled and disposed of according to the appropriate EPA regulations.

Whom may I contact if I have questions?

You may call: 1-888-846-0818 or e-mail: