About Phones 4 Charity

Phones 4 Charity has developed a revolutionary method in fundraising. There are over 800 million retired cell phones discarded in drawers, desks, and storages in the United States with over 140 million more phones entering the waste stream each year. Phones 4 Charity is a national program designed to remove discarded wireless phones from the country's environment while directly benefiting charitable organizations. We enable charities to capitalize on the untapped value of these used discarded cell phones. These phones are just waiting to be reprogrammed, refurbished or recycled to help benefit your community and the environment.

Your donated cell phone will be refurbished and put to further use. Refurbished phones are sent to emerging countries and areas in the United States where there is an economic necessity for cell phones for both safety & communication. There are some parts of the world where technology is so precious that a cell phone can mean the difference between life and death. "Access to communications can have far-reaching effects on people's lives" says Kate Raworth, co-author of the 2001 United Nations Human Development Report.

It is our hope that by bringing attention to this situation that we can get corporations and individuals to respond in a socially responsible manner by taking the easy steps that we have provided to donate their old cell phones. We realized that the only way that we are going to be successful in obtaining these used cell phones is to make it simple and easy for the people who have them to get rid of them. Currently we provide shipping for the used phones if the donator is giving 30 phones or more. We are currently in the process of setting up convenient drop locations nationwide with major company chains that have generously decided to take part in our program.

It's easy to donate!